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Zhassulan Sydykov

Dramatic tenor

The tender and enchanting tenor of Zhassulan, as well as his debonair appearance, has conquered the minds of Youtube subscribers. As an IT specialist from Kostanai, he used to record amateur music videos with his friends and put them on the web.  Now, his ascent to the stage sounds like a Hollywood script.

As a teenager, Zhassulan got a guitar for his good marks and passion for computers, on which he began diligently developing its accords and chords. It was not long before his love of programming and other hobbies gave way to music. At the same time, he also started exploring his own voice and it was this new passion for singing that brought Zhassulan to Kostanai music school. During that time, one of Zhassulan’s friends proposed recording his performance on video and putting it on the web. At that time, no one could have imagined that these simple amateur films, made in his apartment, would open the way to Zhassulan’s professional career. He just sang and filled his songs with his sincere feelings. Soon, Zhassulan’s talent was noticed in Almaty, and he received an offer from the conservatorium. It was in the conservatorium that the young artist saw a poster for casting in Mezzo - a band of classical crossover. He was admitted to the band almost immediately.

"Music for me is a monologue of a soul, filled with real feelings. And it does not only relate to classical music but also to Kazakh folk songs. I am overwhelmed by the power of music as soon as I hear the first tunes. I would like people to experience the feeling of the existence of genuine music with joyous emotions."

According to Zhassulan, he had no idea that he would master singing academically. His way of signing is a balance between classical and pop music. He plays the role of a ‘steel cable’ in the band by connecting the "classic" vocals of Asan and pop vocals of Zhanibek and Meirkhan. In addition, Zhassulan is the veteran member of the band, and has witnessed several membership changes in Mezzo.

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