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Zhanibek Seidakhmetov

Lyric tenor

"I do not want to copy anyone. In my opinion, talent is honesty. When you go on stage, you either conquer the hall or not. If you want the audience to come to your concerts, you just have to be yourself."

Such fairness and passion in Zhanibek’s musical career was adapted from football. As a boy he dreamed of football boots and championships, and even participated in the junior team of Kostanai oblast. But everything changed after his performance at one of his big family events. That evening he acquired his main fan - his aunt. She was able not only to discern Zhanibek’s talent, but she has also supported his desire for professional growth and inspired him to reach for new singing achievements, including winning the auditioning for Mezzo band.

Zhanibek joined the band as a confident pop singer. By that time, he had completed the Zhurgenov Academy – the class of Tolkyn Zabirova – and was looking for new horizons in order to expand his talent further. The classical crossover direction of Mezzo had become the ideal musical vector in which the lyric tenor of Zhanibek has sounded especially wonderful. Despite his romantic image, Zhanibek is the most cheerful group member.

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