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Meirkhan Zhanturganov


Meirkhan’s first acquaintance with the stage took place when he was four: his mother, a pianist, recognised her son’s talents and later sent him to music school. Despite learning to play the piano to a high level, Meirkhan had dreams of a military career in order to be like his father. After graduation from Uralsk musical college, Meirkhan left for Moscow in order to enroll in a military academy but after two weeks in the barracks, Meirkhan realized that this was not the dream for him. He returned to Almaty and enrolled in Kazakh National Conservatory and qualifiied in choral conducting. During his study, Meirkhan performed in various groups, including as an a cappella performer. This experience turned out to be valuable.  


Shortly before his graduation, Meirkhan followed a friend’s advice and auditioned for Mezzo band. As his performance was more about pop music, rather than academic, Meirkhan did not keep his hopes high. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the phone call from the group’s producer, and he joined the band shortly before their participation in the X-Factor TV show.


After a year of performing with the band, Meirkhan took a break, during which he explored different genres, wrote songs and instrumental music, completed his postgraduate studies, and got married. However, his creative pursuits led him to the Mezzo band once again. "I jumped in the river with a very high stream," he said upon his return to the band, "Now the interrelationship in the band allows professional growth and development for each of us". 

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