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Assan Nurbergenov


The sounds of Assan’s voice remind one of the melodies of the old Alma-Ata – the melodies that were heard from the open windows of the evening city. The profound baritone of the youngest artist of the band fascinates listeners with its depth.


Assan was born in the Mangistau region, in a family where sport was most important. As a child, he dreamed about football just like Zhanibek; but his health did not allow him to become a professional sportsman. Being aware of his son’s unique voice, Assan’s father advised him to enroll in a music college instead. At the college, Assan first heard of Andrea Bocelli, who became his guide. He fell in love with academic singing, and today he still seeks to conquer not only pop Olympus, but also the opera stage.


"I would like to be an example for my younger brothers and sisters, and for my fans," says Assan as his young face turns serious. However, he is already an example to follow. The long hours of work have contributed to his success. The Conservatory education, participation at contests, and work on the stage have provided him with the constant development of his talent and the honing of his performance skills.


Assan’s purposefulness inspires respect from his peers and fans.

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